Tiny Person, Turkey, and Thank You Cards

Ransom is VERY thankful....

I’m only 9 weeks into this whole parenting thing and I have to say I love it.  It’s rocked my world but in all the right and good ways.

There are a number of life lessons my lil’ guy has taught me in his ever so brief time here thus far, but by far the greatest thing he’s reminded me of is to be thankful.

I have found myself reflecting quite a bit these days on the immense blessings that the man upstairs has bestowed upon me in my lifetime, not the least of which being the perfectly pudgy 12lb bundle snoring in my living room as I type this.

With the calendar now reading “November” and the appearance of piles of frozen turkeys at the local grocer I have decided that this month I want to be hyper intentional about maintaining an attitude of gratitude.  (See what I did there – it rhymes.)  It shouldn’t take a national holiday for me to do this, but hey – at least it helped spur me to action (and who doesn’t love a turkey sandwich?  I mean really…)

With the arrival of our sweet boy back in August came a slew of gifts, meals, well wishes, and an all around abundance of encouragement, support, and blessings from our community of friends and fellow believers.  I’ve taken great care to try to stay on top of the mountain of “thank you” cards that needed to be sent out.  I must say this hasn’t felt like a “task” to me but a blessing in and of itself.  As I wrote each note that meant I had to take a minute from my busy day to stop and intentionally focus on just one of the million blessings I take for granted each day (whether it’s a pack of diapers or a pan of lasagna).

So this morning, as I placed stamps on the last few thank you notes I found myself feeling a bit sad.  I’ve enjoyed writing out these cards and dropping them in the mail.  I thought to myself “Wow, I’m going to kind of miss this.”

And then I immediately thought to myself – “Harmony – you’re an idiot” (*actual thought – just being honest).  Why should I stop this new habit of being thankful?  Would the world not continue to spin if I decided to just keep on sending thank you notes to those who have blessed me?  Of course not, that’s ridiculous.  But you know what?  Perhaps the planet would be a little better place if we all chose to maintain an attitude of gratitude all year long, not just when we have a specific holiday or life event to celebrate.  I imagine people would like to feel valued and appreciated on any random day of the week.

So I’ve decided I’m going to make it part of my personal mission to be more intentional about showing gratitude.  So starting today – I’m going to keep right on writing thank you cards.  So if you get a random card in the mail from me thanking you for saying hello, or thanking you for something you did for me a decade ago – don’t be surprised.  I used to send out thank you cards all the time and then life got busy.  And that’s also ridiculous.

So – to anyone who took the two minutes to read this post – THANK YOU!  Thanks for humoring me and entering into my story.  I hope you continue to stop by and I hope I can make you laugh every once in a while.

Gotta go – need to dust off my Thank You notes and get writing!


4 thoughts on “Tiny Person, Turkey, and Thank You Cards

  1. Those words are so true. We should not only be thankful at special times. Unfortunately we get caught up in being too busy to appreciate everything on a daily basis.

  2. Harmony, Great Post!

    Not very long ago a guy I know talked to me about how he’s handling his new crew with his second wife. Every thing is about memories he said. Whatever we do, we do it with that in mind. I wish I heard that 28 years ago.

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