The Next Chapter…

To my Vineyard Family and Friends – 


I am writing to you with some bittersweet news.  After an incredible season serving alongside each of you – God has called me to a new chapter in my journey.

I cannot begin to express what my time at Vineyard Cincinnati has meant to me.  I am eternally grateful that God called me to this amazing place for this season.  The Vineyard has been a healing place for me where I was able to see that my gifts could be used to advance the Kingdom.   The Vineyard has most definitely helped me to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.  It’s been a sweet season for sure.  For this I am deeply thankful.

I have been honored to serve with you – some of the most passionate and outward focused people on the planet.  I have enjoyed being a part of a movement of people who really love their city and their world.  I take with me a deeper understanding of what it means to be a servant, and will be a better leader, wife, mother, friend, and pastor for having been a part of this place.

As some of you may know, I have been consulting with an organization called Key Ministry for about 6 years and have always enjoyed being able to engage churches to brainstorm ways they could reach out to families affected by disability.  I have felt for some time that Inclusion ministry is a very clear call that God has put on my life.  My friends and colleagues at Key Ministry have invited me to take on a more significant role on the team, becoming the Director of Ministry Advancement.

It’s a dream role for me as I will be helping Key Ministry with Organizational Development (I’m already dreaming about the glorious spreadsheets!!!), Board Development, Ministry Networking, Volunteer Development, and Fundraising.  Though Key Ministry is based in Cleveland, I will not be relocating, but working remotely from home (allowing me to be with my sweet Ransom), and building a Cincinnati – based volunteer team.  I will also get the opportunity to travel to speak with other churches, and like minded organizations to collaborate on how we can mobilize people to engage in the inclusion movement that I believe God is stirring in churches all over the world.  As you know God has crushed my heart for people affected by disability and I am thrilled to be able to focus more fully on this mission.

I am excited about this new opportunity and covet your prayers.  I will continue to pray for all of you at Vineyard Cincinnati as you continue to love the people of Cincinnati into relationship with Jesus and freely give away to the world what God has given you.

Though I know our relationship will change as I transition to this next chapter – I pray our paths continue to cross as we co-labor in the Kingdom.

You’ve inspired me.

Here’s to changing the world….

It’s been an honor.






9 thoughts on “The Next Chapter…

  1. Harmony, I wish the very best for you. I am a fan. We will miss you as a true emerging leader in our expanding mission. Go and do your part to change the world. The kingdom is here! Many Blessings on your tribe. -KO

  2. What a hard decision for you, Harmony. But it is obvious God is calling you to this work. I’ll be praying for you and everyone at Key Ministry as you impact churches and special needs ministries everywhere.

  3. All the best to you H. The example of how you express your faith and follow our Master inspires so many of us to be bold enough to “love outside the box”.
    This new chapter sounds like a wonderful new beginning. Just think of the people out there praying/saying/thinking “I wish there was a way_________”. Here comes the way!!

    Much Love,

  4. Harmony,
    Your impact on Cincinnati’s community of all people with special needs has been amazing. Your ministry at Crossroads was a clear sign from God that we had finally found a place where all of our kids were accepted. To watch the expansion of that dream to the Vineyard community, was a pleasure. You have made so many lives more rich, more full of love and acceptance. I can only imagine where you will go from here. You have left a legacy at Crossroads, the Vineyard, and in Greater Cincinnati.
    Next stops… state of Ohio, and the United States….and look out WORLD!!
    THANK YOU for continuing to make this world a better place for all people with disabilities, and especially for our Grace.
    We love and adore you.
    The Flannerys

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  6. Harmony, I’ve always said you were one of our best. Although part of this makes me sad, I know this is how the Kingdom works, I know this is what we do. I’m just really proud of you and proud to know you. I know you’ll be amazing in your new role, and your new mom role as well! So, enjoy and hopefully we’ll see your face from time to time;)

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