The 12 INCLUSIVE Outreaches of Christmas… Part 2 of 3

Just another Holiday with the Hensleys.....

The cookies are baked, Christmas cards sent, and the Hensley holiday hoopla is in full swing!  So that means it’s time for a quick break to brainstorm more INCLUSIVE outreaches for this Christmas.  Let’s get to it!

5.  Serve with a Partner Organization – There are a number of incredible organizations (both faith based and secular) that provide services to families affected by disability every day.  Consider contacting one of these organizations to see how you can come alongside them this holiday season!

6.  Christmas Dinner / Play Invitation – Many of us have long standing traditions of attending Christmas Plays, or perhaps a holiday dinner or other community event.  Consider inviting a family of a child with a disability to accompany you.  Many families would be THRILLED to be invited much less actually get to attend something so fun and festive!  Or perhaps you could invite a resident from a local group home to join you for the merriment!

7.  Cab Fare / Bus Tokens – For many adults with disabilities transportation (or the lack thereof) can be incredibly frustrating and isolating.  What if you purchased a bunch of bus tokens, or cab vouchers and surprised a very deserving adult with disabilities so they can be empowered to interact with their community?!  Imagine never being able to go somewhere when you want?  (I would hate being stuck in one place all the time).  Give the gift of mobility!

8.  Donate!  – Perhaps your schedule is jam packed with holiday festivities and you simply don’t know how you could squeeze in one more thing.  Consider a year end donation to Key Ministry.  At Key Ministry our mission is to help churches serve families affected by disability.  We offer these services FREE of charge and help deploy God’s people to reach those who are often forgotten.  You can learn more about our ministry at

Hopefully these are some more ideas to get you thinking of ways we can spread some love to our friends with disabilities this holiday season.  Merry Christmas!  Talk to you soon….

Harmony the Elf


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