The 12 INCLUSIVE Outreaches of Christmas… Part 3 of 3


With Christmas just 5 days away there are still some great INCLUSIVE outreaches to make the season bright!  Rounding out the last installment of our 12 outreaches are the following big hits!

9.  Office Party Change Up – This week our local news here in Cincinnati has spotlighted companies that decided to mix it up with the traditional office Christmas Party.  Instead of having their obligatory Christmas party that no one got all that excited for they hosted a Christmas party for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have Christmas.  What if you and your co-workers decided to host a Christmas party for families of kids with disabilities?  Perhaps you could partner with a local parent group or other non-profit and host a fabulous party for them?  If you and your co-workers aren’t into kids then there are a number of local group homes who I am sure would be up for an awesome Christmas Party.  Have fun with it and even if it’s too late for this year – it’s never too early to start planning for the next Christmas season!

10.  Christmas Coupon Book – Remember when you used to make homemade coupon books for your parents growing up?  Consider creating a gift certificate or coupon book to give to a family affected by disability.  It could include great outreaches such as “1 FREE Yard Mowing for a week of your choosing” or “1 FREE Home Cooked Meal” or “1 FREE Night of Babysitting”.  Present the coupon book to the family, but then take it a step further.  Make an note in your calendar to call them later on in the year to ask if you can serve them through one of your coupons.  (i.e.  “Hey Marvin – it’s me – I just wanted to see when we could come and mow your yard!  It’s Christmas in July for you my friend!  Let me know!” – see that was easy!)

11.  Shopping Elf – Do you have the spiritual gift of shopping?  Consider shopping on behalf of parents who have a child with a disability.  For some this would be a HUGE help during a very busy time of the year.  If they want to do the shopping themselves, then you could offer to hang out with their kiddos while they hit the mall.  And if you’re really feeling festive offer to do their Christmas wrapping as well!  Either way the shopping gets done, packages are wrapped and families are blessed!

12.  Christmas Tree Giveaway – This is the week when some fresh Christmas Tree suppliers are marking down their trees.  Some families either can’t afford a tree, or are too exhausted to put one up.  Consider providing a tree to “deck” their halls!

I hope this series has been a fun one for you!  I LOVE this time of year and LOVE thinking of new ways we can reach out and serve our friends affected by disability to show them that God loves them.

I hope you take time this holiday season to show someone God’s love….after all – that IS the reason for the season!

Happy Outreaching –

Harmony “The Elf”


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