Posted in January 2012

Why? My Story Part 2 of 3

  In my last post I shared a snapshot of my story.  Though my passion was certainly born from my own personal experience – it was strengthened through my time volunteering. Volunteering wasn’t an “option” in our house growing up.  My Mom was constantly volunteering.  She served as an EMT on the local volunteer fire … Continue reading

Why? My Story Part 1 of 3

Have you ever met someone and wondered what their story was?  Why they care about the things they do?  I love that everyone has a story.  So I thought as we begin this journey on the blogosphere together I would share a bit of my story to give you a context for why I am … Continue reading

I want you to be disturbed…

As I begin this blogging adventure I have many hopes of what my blog will do.  I hope it makes you laugh, encourages, equips, challenges, inspires, motivates, and…..disturbs you.  Yes, at times I think God wants to disturb us.  So as he messes with me, I shall – in turn, share that holy discontent with … Continue reading

Fired Up… And Ready To GO!

Hello friends!  I haven’t talked to you since last year!  Man I missed ya! I am now officially off maternity leave.  Watch out world – you’ve been warned.  I have spent the last 4 months welcoming our precious son Ransom to the world.  (and yes, I do plan to continue to plaster his precious face … Continue reading