On being a Mom…

Be. Still. My. Heart.

“What’s your favorite part about being a Mom?”

Great question.  Just a few days ago a friend of mine posed this question, and to be perfectly honest it took me a bit off guard.  Since Ransom came into the world 6 months ago (man time flies!) it seems I’ve been caught up in a sleep deprived whirl wind of firsts.  I’ve been meaning to take a moment and capture some of my thoughts on this journey that is motherhood thus far.

I don’t know if I could name one thing that is my “favorite” when I think about this incredible new season.  I’m not sure words can describe the overwhelming bond I have with this sweet boy.   But these are my top ten current favorite things about being Ransom’s Mommy…

10.  The sound of his cry.  That’s right – I like the sound of his cry.  To be clear – I don’t like it when he cries because it usually means he is upset (which I will always dislike) but he wasn’t breathing when he was born and hearing him cry was one of the most welcome sounds I have ever heard in my life.

9.  The way he smells.  Not during a diaper changing per se but the sweet smell of his sweat and baby shampoo when he nuzzles into my chest.  It’s intoxicating.

8.  Kissing his chubby cheeks.  My little guy has ten pound cheeks and I love just showering him with kisses.  I know there will come a day when he would be mortified at the thought of me showing a public display of affection so I am relishing each sweet kiss.

7.  Watching him sleep.  Nothing is more peaceful and I find myself staring at the baby monitor – just marveling at him.

6.  Seeing my husband be a Daddy.  I didn’t think I could love the man any more – and then I saw him holding our son and my heart melted all over again.

5.  Hearing him laugh.  I don’t care what is going on – when Ransom laughs all is right with the world.  I just wish I knew what was so funny.

4.  His smile.  Someone at a store once commented that he smiles with his whole body.  It’s true.  He exudes joy.

3. His strength.  I prayed every day of my pregnancy that he would be “strong”.  God has answered that prayer both in Ransom’s physical strength, and in his strong spirit.  He is going to do great things in this world and I can’t wait to see how God uses his strong will to expand his Kingdom.

2.  When he sleeps on my chest.  It calms me to my core.  Those precious moments are heaven on earth.  They are few and far between but I savor every second.

1.  That he is a living, breathing, smiling, laughing, reminder that God loves me, he hears me, and he is good. 

I couldn’t be happier to be “Mommy” to this sweet boy.  I can’t wait to see what adventures we have together.

Here’s to Changing the World…

Harmony – aka “Ransom’s Mommy”


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  1. Harmony thank you for sharing! I attended your sessions at the orange conference last year and I just loved them. I have been following your blog. It is great to see you and your beautiful baby. Congratulations. You will be a very fun shepherd for his heart!

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