Extra Day – Extra Dollar! Join the fun!

Today is a bonus.  The earth takes an extra lap around the sun and you and I get another glorious day to make the world a better place.

So what are you going to do with your extra day?  We at Key Ministry want to invite you to help us grow our ministry on this leap day by joining in on our “Extra Day – Extra Dollar” micro-giving campaign.

We have been blessed to see God opening doors and inviting our team to take our ministry to new heights in 2012.  It’s only February and we’ve already had the following adventures thus far…

  • We’ve sent 38 Key Ring Binders (an awesome tool to jump start inclusion ministry!) to Canada, South Africa, and the following states: Iowa, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Arkansas, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, and Ohio!  (Whew!)
  • Katie Wetherbee (our FABULOUS Director of Ministry Education) spoke at “The Blaze” Youth Ministry Conference at the Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina.  (She even got to meet Tony Campolo!)
  • We hosted a JAM Session (Jump Starting All-Inclusive Ministry) in Paynesville, Ohio with 39 ministry volunteers and pastors from all over the Northeastern part of the state.
  • We provided information to the Psychology Department at Spring Arbor University on including students with Autism in the Church.
  • We consulted with the amazing folks at Center Pointe Christian Church as they do some fun remodeling of their space to create inclusive ministry environments.
  • We traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to meet with the crew at Two Rivers Church about training their Special Needs Team and will be returning to host a JAM Session there in late April.
  • We trained 50 amazing volunteers at Cornerstone Church of God in Lebanon Ohio as they became new members of our FREERESPITE.com network.  They will be hosting their second respite outreach event so far this year on Friday!

WOW!  We are humbled and amazed to see God using us to encourage and equip ministry leaders to create a church for every child.  We’ve got some other incredible things ahead in the coming months including new JAM session dates and invitations to speak at several national conferences (stay tuned for more exciting news!)  And the greatest thing is that all of our trainings and resources are provided FREE of charge to churches.

In order to continue to spread the love we need more people to support our ministry through prayer, volunteering, and financial support.  So today we’re asking if you can take a moment of your “Extra Day” to give us an “Extra Dollar”!

Every dollar counts and here are some fun facts about how your gift will be invested in the Kingdom through Key Ministry…

  • If ten people give $1.00 each, we can adapt a teaching tool for a child with an intellectual disability.
  • Twenty-five $1.00 gifts cover the cost of a one-hour consultation to a local church.
  • Fifty $1.00 gifts provide a two-hour onsite observation at a church serving families touched by disabilities.
  • One hundred $1.00 gifts allow us to film a video training for a major online ministry conference.


And to sweeten the deal – Dr. Steve Grcevich, our fearless leader, has pledged that he will donate $1.00 for every contribution received today and will donate an additional $1.00 for every new “like” on our Facebook page.   (to invite friends to “like” our Facebook page click here)


To join in the fun you can check out our Key Catalog.  The Key Catalog is an awesome online giving tool that details a number of cool ways to contribute to our mission ranging from a $1 “wherever most needed” gift, to sponsoring the launch of a new FREERESPITE partner, to sponsoring a JAM Session, or even a portion of Inclusion Fusion (our annual FREE online inclusion ministry conference).


Click here to contribute through our Key Catalog, or here to contribute through our website.


Thanks for supporting our mission to help churches serve families affected by disability.

Here’s to changing the world….one day and one dollar at a time!

Harmony and the Key Ministry Team






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