Awesome Humility

It is a special day in the Hensley house.  There will be food, and laughing, celebrating and reverie.  Today is Skyler’s birthday.  And I love it!  Some of you are blessed enough to know him; many of you sadly do not (I’m bummed for you if this is the case).  I get to be his wife.  You should be jealous.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week recounting the millions of things I have come to love, respect, and admire about Skyler, and the list is long.  But there was one prevailing theme that continued to surface and that is his “awesome humility”.

Skyler actually coined the phrase once a few years ago just joking around, but it stuck for me.  Though he was kidding, he really is a man of “awesome humility”.

Over the years I have watched Skyler serve those around him by constantly putting the needs of others above his own.  He has modeled a Christ like character in moments when lesser men would have swelled with stubbornness and pride.  He has constantly sought a spirit of meekness and kindness.  There have been times where I have watched him be wronged by the world and I wanted justice for him, but he sought humility.  (Because frankly, he IS the better half of this union.)

One of the greatest compliments I ever received on behalf of my husband came from a friend’s father.  His wife had a serious illness and he explained to me that though he knew a number of good men and great pastors, should there be a day when his wife was dying he said Skyler was the kind of man he would want to sit with him.  I can think of no higher compliment.  No greater honor.  Skyler is at his best when life is at it’s worst.  He has a strength of spirit, a calming character, a listening ear, and a Godly presence that bring great comfort when words cannot.  And that is a powerful gift.  The ability to model Christ through humility, and often – silence.

Another friend refers to him as a “Prince among men” and I could not agree more.   Skyler is likely highly uncomfortable with this post.  Why?  Because of his “awesome humility”.  You will never hear Skyler say “I’m really good at….” Or “I’m the best at….”.  You’ll here “I’m just glad to help” or “I’m happy to serve” or “It’s not a big deal”.  He truly serves an audience of one and is laser focused on pleasing God.  I would storm the gates of hell with him and I look forward to the day we stand at the pearly gates and I can declare “Yeah – I’m with that guy”.

Though I’ve joked about his “awesome humility” in our house before, it truly is the thing about him I love most.  I have watched him walk this out in friendships, as a pastor, a husband, and a father.  He reminds me on a regular basis that in order for God to become greater in my life, my family, my relationships, and my ministry – I must become less.  (Biblical I know; but I love that he faithfully walks this out, even when it hurts, even when I don’t want to hear it).

So, today as we celebrate your life my dear I wish you a very happy birthday filled with reminders of the splendor that God imparted in you.

Matthew 23:12 tells us – “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted”

Thanks for consistently modeling “awesome humility” for the rest of us.  So on this day, dear husband, I exalt you.  Thanks for making me a better wife, mother, pastor, and friend.

Here’s to a hundred more years of “awesome humility”!   Bring it!


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