Labor of Love – It’s a WEBSITE!

Ransom wants YOU to check out our new website! (He helped Mommy with it – it was hard work!)

Whew!  It’s been a busy season!  Last summer was spent laboring for our first baby, our sweet Ransom Levi.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already!  This summer has been filled with another labor of love.  I have been busy these last few months working with developers to create a new website for our team at Key Ministry.

The process was long, and at times tedious, but I have loved every minute of it.  It’s an exciting thing to be a part of the creative process, especially when your efforts are directed toward Kingdom building.  I have long been passionate about disability ministry, but I must say, becoming a Mom only intensified the fire in my belly.  I pray each day that Ransom would grow up to be a man after God’s own heart.  I know it will take the fullness of the Body of Christ for him to come to know the Lord.  I pray for the future Sunday School Teachers, Family Pastors, Youth Leaders, Youth Pastors, Mentors, Small Group Leaders, and friends who will someday come alongside him in his faith walk.  I now view my ministry through a Mother’s eyes – and I’m even more committed to help build a “church for every child”.

I have been honored to be a part of the Key Ministry Team and am passionate about the work we do.  Our mission is to help churches serve families affected by disability.  We believe that by coming alongside leaders on the front lines of ministry to cultivate inclusion, we can change the world for the families we serve.

Our new website is designed to be a tremendous resource for anyone who has a heart for people with disabilities.  Visitors will enjoy a Resource Kit with 180 FREE downloads (with more new resources being added all the time).  We’ve created the Church Connection to begin plotting churches that have inclusive offerings across the country.  Through our site visitors can make formal requests for training or consultation services.  And you know what the best part is?  It’s all FREE!

If you or anyone you know would like more information on how to reach families affected by disability please stop by our website ( take a peek around, and make yourself at home.  We are thrilled to see how many more ministry leaders we can connect with through this great new resource.  There is much work to do and it’s done best together.

So as we mark our 10th anniversary at Key Ministry we want you to know we continue to be committed to a spirit of excellence in all that we do.  We think you’re worth it, and so are the families we serve!

Here’s to Changing the World…..TOGETHER!



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