Faith in the Fire

The older I get the more I realize life is hard.  Some days, more than others, it’s clear we live in a broken world.  Today is one of those days. On my mind today are friends facing hard times. One friend is in the hospital in the fight of her life against the evil that... Continue Reading →

Thank you for your service…

It’s Memorial Day.  Though most Americans identify this holiday with a long weekend filled with barbecue, pool openings and fun with friends there are countless families missing a loved one on this somber holiday. As I mentioned in my Veteran’s Day post, I grew up in a family that knows the sacrifice a soldier makes... Continue Reading →

Awesome Humility

It is a special day in the Hensley house.  There will be food, and laughing, celebrating and reverie.  Today is Skyler’s birthday.  And I love it!  Some of you are blessed enough to know him; many of you sadly do not (I’m bummed for you if this is the case).  I get to be his... Continue Reading →

To my Mom…

I’m sure I’ll write a post about my first Mother’s Day experience this year.  (It’s been awesome and sweet and the day is only half way through).  But I want to make sure I take time to publicly thank my own Mom in front of God and the internet.  Last year I did a facebook... Continue Reading →

It’s a “Dirty Job”

If you were hoping for a deep thought provoking blog post today - this is not it.  I'll get back on track later this week but for now I'm just gonna keep it real and share a bit of my day. As I’ve mentioned before I hope this blog does a lot of things….and one... Continue Reading →

On being a Mom…

“What’s your favorite part about being a Mom?” Great question.  Just a few days ago a friend of mine posed this question, and to be perfectly honest it took me a bit off guard.  Since Ransom came into the world 6 months ago (man time flies!) it seems I’ve been caught up in a sleep... Continue Reading →

Uncle Dave, Veterans Day & Inclusion…

This blog post is dedicated to my Dad (Mike Mennen), Uncle Dave Smith, Uncle Denny Smith, Uncle George Kenworthy, Uncle Joe Webb, Uncle Kent Stookey, Grandpa Barney Smith, Grandpa John Webb, and Cousin Ted Samuels.  Thank you for your service to our country.  We are all deeply grateful. I was raised in a family that... Continue Reading →

We’ve been Ransomed…

This is the post I wrote when our son was a very special part of the Hensley Family Cast.   At 2:33am on Friday August 26th Skyler and I welcomed the cry of our son, Ransom Levi Hensley. That sweet sound of our boy bursting into this world is one that we had been... Continue Reading →

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